Computer Lab

Computer Lab Event

  • Date:Saturday, January 25th 2020
  • Time:9am to 11am
  • Location: Giravale
  • Number of children participated: 60 children

Raincoat Distribution Event

The morning of January 25th 2020, saw a new transformed Giravale... the Digital Giravale... Their own Computer Lab ...a dream come true for every child and member at Giravale Village...
Pehal... the initiators gifted Zilla Parishad School, Giravale their very own first Computer Lab, where they donated a set of computers to the school to begin their journey of digitization at Giravale. The Pehal team is also currently working on the content creation for students from 1st to 5th Standard. The smiles of children knew no miles... Little did they know... they would see this sunshine.... it’s their hope that gave us scope.... to fulfill their dreams in the envelope !!!

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